Thomas Förster schrieb:
Am Mittwoch 15 Dezember 2004 14:48 schrieb Oliver C.:

On Wednesday 15 December 2004 07:35, Paul Surgeon wrote:

I hope we either drop PUI (plib's UI) or at least do a major upgrade to
it. We use PUI in the menus at the moment and in my opinion the widgets
look absolutely GHASTLY.

What could we use instead of PUI? What gui library uses OpenGL?

Well, I don't think that replacing PUI has a high priority.

I doesn't look that bad (but doesn't mirror the OS style). And it get's drawn by OpenGL with a low overhead.

So we should improve the underlaying functionality first, bevore we consider exchanging PUI.

For integration with existing desktops it's possibly best to use their native libs. QT for example provides an OpenGL widget, so all of the gui (menu, dialogs) could be native QT Widgets.

Also if the sim runs in the context of a GUI it will be easy to switch between them at startup, i.e. 'fgfs --gui-gnome' runs a GTK based GUI, whereas 'fgfs --gui-qt' runs a qt based one.

Don't know about possible performance issues, though. :-(

This sounds like unlimited resources where you can afford the luxurity to code a GNOME, as Qt, a Windows, a MacOS, a [...] interface...

A Qt only interface sounds good - but Qt isn't free for Windows (you'll only get an 30 day evaluation copy IIRC), so we can't use it :(


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