Paul Surgeon wrote:

It still needs a bit of work though.
One cannot change the aircraft or location at the moment through an external app.

You can't change aircraft through the internal or external gui right now. You can change position just fine, as well as setup things like 7 mile final, on a 3 deg. glideslope, at 90 kts.

I also noticed that connections have a direction associated (in/out).
To have a bi-directional connection does one have to use two seperate connections?

No, not with the "telnet" interface.

Also is the hz parameter required? Isn't it event driven?
Polling is evil! ;-)

I've seen some event driven gui/socket code that was (of all things) written in MSVC. There are plenty of messes already in FG so that's one direction I'd really rather not go.

The way I see it is we can have a GUI that the user launches that in turn loads FG in the background. Similar to fgrun but with a live connection like the flight instructor type setup.
When the user is done configuring aircraft, weather, etc they press a "SYNC" or "FLY" button and the changes are sent to FG and FG is told to pop up (brought to the foreground).

That certainly sounds doable, although the particular details of how to launch, and kill, and detect if the child process is running will probably vary wildly from platform to platform.



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