I've just had a crown fitted to my tooth and I'm a bit off-song so I decided 
to make a 'rip-down' version of the C172P that I was working on for 
ground-static (pure scenery display).

I've made the model look near to the normal model in quality unless you go 
right up and look closely (interior textures, controls etc are gone) The 
seats are still in but I've cropped a lot of vertices from the fusealage and 
wings and re-orientated the model nose-up to simulate an empty cabin. (I made 
some 'line' tie-downs too just for show.

The vertex count is down from near 1800 to 1200 and the number of 512x512 
textures is halved.

Is this low enough to be reasonable as a ground-static aircraft? (I have a 
behemoth of a gpu that loves vertices so I'm not much use as a tester).

Can anyone up to speed which scenery placement who could have a go with 
placing a few duplicates of the model and then taxying past a few times to 
gauge whether the frame-rate takes a big hit?


Dave Martin

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