You probably know by now that I have a serious case of 'show and tell' 

So I just wanted to show you what I've been up to today ;-)

So far I've made 6 instruments which could possibly be used for lightplanes.

The instruments include depth-oriented components and face-glasses which show 
specular highlights depending on sun-angle.


The above is just a 'mock-up' of static models so I could place them all in FG 
at the same time. (AI and DI are missing glasses).

The ASI, VSI, Tacho and AI are fully animated now.

The DI is partly animated and the Altimeter needs its baro animated.

Hopefully, by the time I've finished, everyone will own 6800 class video cards 
to cope with all the polys (any maybe I'll own one too so I can finish the 
models) ;-)

Dave Martin

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