On Friday 31 Dec 2004 09:03, Erik Hofman wrote:

> Looks very nice, but the instrument covers seem indeed a bit polygon
> heavy. To be honest I can't really think of a way to cheat a bit to
> decrease the polygon count.
> Erik

While I didn't set out to produce low-poly instruments (I wanted to prioritise 
them looking 'round') , I've used most tricks in the book to keep the vertex 
count down. 

Just by way of example, comparing the Hawker Hunter's AI with my AI:

The Hunter bezels are made in 16 segments.

My bezels are made in 24 segments.

My AI also has an extra 24 segment disk for it's 'Glass'

Hunter AI: 346 vertices.
Mine: 188 

I was pleasantly suprised at that. :-)

I finished a TC with animated slip-ball last night. I'd been dreading that 
instrument because of the slip-ball animation; as it turns out, it only took 
5 mins with a bit of concentration.

I literally chucked all the instruments into the PA28 (just so they were in 
view and animated) and I was not getting any noticable frame-rate hit (yet) 
over the default panel.

Time will tell - at the very worst case, these instruments are actually a lot 
of fun to make so nothing is lost if they can't be used or if they have to go 
in the cupboard for a couple of years while hardware catches up ;-)


Dave Martin

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