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Curtis L. Olson wrote:

Right, but in PM, Steve seems to have forgotten his original objections so I think we have a window of opportunity here if we can submit a reasonable looking patch.

Well, here is the original:

I' not sure about the status of that patch right now (whether it still applies or not).

I don't have time to play with this myself, but if someone wants to apply this diff to the latest cvs, and *test* to make sure it doesn't break things, *and* make sure plib still defaults to the original behavior, then I think I could submit it to Steve, but I don't think it will be too useful to submit a 2.5 year old diff.

If someone cares about this patch, please step forward and I think we can make it happen, otherwise if no one feels especially motivated, then we can just let the opportunity slide on by.



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