On Thursday 06 Jan 2005 12:54, Martin Spott wrote:
> Martin Spott wrote:
> > I think the missing of exactly such a repository is the main obstacle
> > for collecting such data. I'd be willing to provide an anonymous FTP
> > upload directory and maintain a collection of everything that arrives
> > there - at least one thing where I could serve the community.
>   ftp://ftp.ihg.uni-duisburg.de/FlightGear/incoming/
> ....  at least if everyone agrees upon this. Please add a timestamp into
> the filename of your contribution to increase the chance not to
> overwrite other peoples stuff,
> Martin.

Thats great :-)

Although I'm a bit dubious about it being anonymous access :-/

Theres a great potential for abuse (don't forget e:mail will be listed in the 
FG Dev list archive.)

Dave Martin

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