Dave Martin wrote:

> Although I'm a bit dubious about it being anonymous access :-/

I have had an anonymous FTP 'incoming' directory on this server for
serveral years now and experienced very little abuse. Files that I
can't connect to something useful and legal are being removed from time
to time. Just for the record: You can upload to this directory, you
can't list the directory and you can't download from this directory,
even if you know the filenames. I think this is safe enough.

My offer would be to _manually_ maintain a small page with a list of
everything that has been uploaded, I'll copy the stuff from the
incoming directory to the public area.
I don't want to urge anyone to agree on this method to distribute FG
scenery objects although I'll happily create a site if a 'critical
mass' decides that this is indeed a "good thing"  ;-)

Ah, BTW, if you want to have your contribution be accompanied by a
comment, send me an EMail or better add a small README into your
package that you intend to upload,

 Unix _IS_ user friendly - it's just selective about who its friends are !

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