Christian Mayer wrote:
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Jon Stockill schrieb:

While messing around with my scripts for inserting objects into the
scenery (it's now all database driven, with numerous datasets imported)
I decided I could do with a few landmarks. Here's a couple of views of
the first, also showing off the object positioning:

This looks great.

I whish someone would create such a scenery for Germany (or at least

I can position all the navaids for you if you like. If you have any lists of object positions (I've got lighthouses, wind farms, power stations, radio masts, and Ordnance Survey triangulation points in the database so far - but this only covers the UK) then I'd be happy to add them to the data I have and produce scenery object data for you.

Just let me know the areas you're interested in.

Jon Stockill

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