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Jon Stockill wrote:

Just let me know the areas you're interested in.

Europe ? ;-))

Which scenery tarballs? I'll get them downloaded, and get on with
processing the terrain elevation for the navaids straight away - more
detail can be added as people find me info to import.

My town lies in e010n40.tar.gz (as well an Munich and a big part of the

Excellent - I've done that square already :-)

I can look up a few positions of objects. What format do you need? Lat/Lon?

Just lat/lon, a heading (if appropriate) and the model you want inserted at that point (obviously if it's not a standard one form the Models directory then it'd be nice if you had the model too, so that everyone else gets to see it).

I'll archive the Objects tree and my models, and let you know when they're available for download.

Jon Stockill

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