Hi Martin,

> >   1st of all: F.G. is great :-)
> Great, you passed the entrance exam  ;-)

Great, that always works ;-)
Let's follow the white rabbit.

> > I would like to help, maybe with some simple objects around the scenery 
> > (buildings, aerial pictures of the terrain, some more details for the 
> > two airports around my city, Palermo, that's just an example).
> Probably just some pictures won't help _that_ much (although I'm
> convinced there is still interest in the raw images) the results you
> might produce from these images are very much appreciated.
> The infrasctucture for creating a central repository for scenery
> objects (database and different front-ends) is currently in the works.

Please let me know about the repository.

Anyway, is there an easy way to identify a building position in order to put
the 3D model in the correct place (lat/long/alt) into the F.G. world
Should I consider buying a portable GPS, going in place and check what the
machine says? Is there a way I could use aerial/staellite pictures (there
are tons on the net and many are free for viewing) and extract position
spots out of them in order to correctly orientate and position the 3D obejct
(here I'm mainly talking about buildings). Any suggestion?
> > And now it comes to the developer team: some hints would be very 
> > appreciated. I'd like to use a Windows OS because I'm sooo used to it 
> > (please forgive me :-) but I read that most of the tools are Unix based.
> > I'd love to know that it's not a complete waste of time insisting in 
> > using this OS, so ...
> FlightGear runs fine at least on certain Windows releases (I only tried
> Win2k), TaxiDraw is available for Windows as well (don't know about
> AC3D) so I don't see any obstacles regarding contribution of scenery
> decoration and/or airport layouts using a Windows platform.

I'm currently running F.G. v.0.9.6 W32 binary on Windows98 2nd ed. with
average hardware with preconfigured options. It works well.
I didn't try any exotic configuration yet, I will do that in the next days.

AC3D is a basic 3D modeller wich works with .ac files. It seems easy though
not very stable. There's a free trial version. I will find out if
registering is worth. Any other suggestions?

> > p.s. there are a bunch of very interesting and detailed MS-FS scenery 
> > sets around (many of them are free); could it be a good starting point 
> > for adding details to the local (around the city of Palermo) F.G. 
> > scenery? Maybe it's not that difficult to convert to the F.G. format.
> As I understood there are legal issues because lots of MSFS objects are
> not allowed to be redistributed within a GPL-licensed package.

Well, I hope I will personally come in touch with those people maintaining
the MSFS local scenery of the town I leave in. I could also get those people
releasing the modified version with a GPL license, they already distribute
those addons sceneries for free; or at least we could agree in a partial
conversion of their job (it's still hypothetical because I really don't know
if it's possible and/or easy to convert a MSFS scenery or part of it into a
form suitable to F.G.).
I don't think those MSFS scenery have some kind of license binding to MS in
anyway, not even the converted versions will.
Anyway, I will ask :-) If I'm lucky I will get some job done without much


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