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Jon Stockill wrote:
> Martin Spott wrote:
>> and in continuation of the recent "Scenery" thread we are currently in
>> the process of developing this into a solution that meets our
>> expectations concerning interface standardization.
>> We'll combine this with an FTP upload site (already present) and
>> different sorts of frontends that enable us to import, export,
>> replicate the object/model database and browse the contents.
>> An early shot can be seen here - the thumbnails are already read from
>> the database (many thanks to Jon !!):
> Where "already" = about 15 mins before Martin posted that :-)

I have lots of questions, hehe.

So to make sure I'm getting it, your plan is to have an FTP site
for uploads and the website for dloads (what's the procedure for
stuff making it over from one to the other)?  Presumably when they
upload, they include a description of some sort (separate file?
entered through a web form?) and possibly an image showing what
the object looks like in fgfs, and that gets displayed on the webpage?
And maybe some sort of category for organizational purposes.  Is
it oriented towards individual objects, or will sets be handled
(e.g. someone comes along and uploads a set of building models/
textures to flesh out downtown Chicago -- do they get broken up
into individual buildings for dload)?  When someone dloads a
static object (e.g. Jon's Millenium Dome), do they also get an
install script?  What's the plan for interfacing this with the
database of shared object locations (stacks and cooling towers
and so forth) in the UK that Jon's worked up?  If someone dloads
the cooling tower model, do they get a script that inserts cooling
towers into .stg files everywhere a cooling tower is known to be?
Will the database be searchable?  Are you using a CMS, or building
from scratch?


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