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The positioning of landmarks which don't fall into either of those
categories is best done with as accurate a map as you have available,
either using FGSD with a scanned or digital map, or a service like (for the UK I find slightly more
useful, because although it has a smaller selection of maps you can get
the exact grid reference of the "pointer" on the map). The scenery
database we're developing will hopefully be able to handle different
national grid systems so that info can be submitted in whatever format
is convenient, with convertion to lat/lon handled automatically (so far
just OSGB is supported, but this can easily be extended as long as
conversion functions are available).

Ah, helped me to figure out my first coordinate:

There's a windmill at:

Location:    Germany
X:    1294800m
Y:    6110700m
Lat:    48:12:51N (48.2142)
Lon:    11:37:52E (11.631)

But how do I add it online to the database?

You don't.... yet.

Give me another week or so, and the scenery database should be at a stage where you can add your own objects to it.

Of course nobody has made a windmill model yet, although I need to do a model of a wind turbine (I assume you're talking about an old stye windmill, not a modern electricity producing wind turbine?

Jon Stockill

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