Paul Surgeon wrote:

> Ideally all changes made to the terrain should be done at the source.
> i.e. VMAP0 and friends
> fgsd should be able to display, edit and save the vector data then use the 
> terrgear generation tools to build the new tile and display the results.
> One could have a live online central repository (db) that handles the storage.
> fgsd can connect, request a tile of vector data for editing (The db can do 
> some sort of locking on that tile to avoid simultaneous edits)
> Once the user is finished they upload the changes for everyone to use.
> Then when Curt builds the new scenery he just requests all the data from the 
> updated DB.
> Simple stuff. Now who's going to write it?  :P
> BTW : Does anyone know of a free VMAP0 editor for Linux?

As I already wrote we are heading for some sort of GIS application
here. Storage for VMAP0 data - at least parts of it, I don't know all
types of data that are covered by VMAP0 - could be the accomplished by
the mentioned PostgreSQL/PostGIS database. Visualization of such data
is easily done with QGIS, although for editing according to elevation
data we'd need another tool.

A PostGIS interface in FGSD might be a solution, but I don't think FGSD
is currently capable of handlint this sort of vector data at all (I
might be proven to be wrong here). We don't want a "VMAP0"-editor here,
let's stick to standard interfaces and formats wherever possible,
otherwise we are going to manouvre into a corner very soon,

 Unix _IS_ user friendly - it's just selective about who its friends are !

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