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Martin Spott wrote:
> Chris Metzler wrote:
>> One other possibility you might wanna consider is allowing uploads/
>> dloads of terrain (e.g. tiles modified through fgsd).
> This is not as easy as it sounds because you'd have to redo the tiles
> on every scenery update.

Right -- I'd commented elsewhere in this thread about how I'd spent
a lot of time fixing up a tile in fgsd (moving riverbanks, changing
ground poly materials, etc.), only to have to start over when a
new scenery update came out (and I needed the new scenery for that
tile because one of the TerraGear improvements fixed a glitch in an
runway in that tile).  It's still something people will do from
time to time; I note that Frederic seems to "touch up" some of the
default area tiles prior to releases, with the touched-up tiles
going into the release/CVS.  One probably would only need to re-edit
the tiles if the scenery update results in either a major change to
the tile (so that you're missing something important if you use an
old tile), or to the boundaries of the neighboring tiles (thus
creating a boundary mismatch if you use an edited old tile).  Anyway,
I think it'd be a good thing to offer.  But you're absolutely right
that editing the tiles this way isn't the best way to do it.

> The "right way" to incorporate manual scenery
> changes would be to parametrize these changes and provide a method
> to add them to the automatic scenery build.

I agree completely.

> Typically this sort of undertaking is called GIS - Geographic
> Information System (like GRASS). Currently there is one drawback as the
> available OpenSource database add-ons (PostGIS, this is one reason why
> I love PostgreSQL so much) can handle 2D objects of almost any type
> really fine (it's fun so see a map being drawn out of a database) but
> they don't handle elevation data.

OK, I'm very ignorant about this.  Is that a major limitation in that
it'd be very hard/time consuming for someone competent to adapt
PostGIS to include elevation data?  If you're currently up to speed on
this stuff, can you describe how hard it is *to* come up to speed on it
if you're not?  (IOW, how comparatively hard is it to figure out this

> We might start this by putting roads, railways, rivers and lakes into
> such a database to allow for manual tweaking if someone is willing to
> add a PostGIS interface to the TerraGear toolbox - and Curt agrees on
> to proceed on this path ....

I don't know anything about this stuff; but if I'm not working on the
Zope site (I don't see the point in redundant effort, and I do think
your approach of organizing the contributions in the same way as the
FG scenery makes more sense), I'd be willing to look into this.


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