Curtis L. Olson wrote:
> Let's not be too quick to stamp out people's ability to express
> their faith.  The tides of societal whimsy shift very quickly, and
> if we tolerate stamping out opposing view points, all too soon you
> could find yourself on the loosing end of that battle.

Let's also be mindful of the sin of using other people's work to
express a faith they don't hold.

Now, I'm not one to get worked up over religious debates.  As a
garden-variety modern atheist, I'm generally happy to let other folks
think whatever they want to.  I don't argue against religion.  I don't
fear it or reject it.  I don't mind attending weddings at churches,
and even bow my head during prayer out of politeness.  Many of my best
friends and big chunks of my family are christians, and they're all
great people.

That said, knowing that someone downloading FlightGear gets this
document dropped next to it gives me the willies.  I'm fine if Arthur
wants to spread The Word himself.  I'm very much *not* fine with him
stapling the pamphlet to a copy of YASim and Nasal.

FlightGear belongs to all of us.  It shouldn't be a vehicle for views
that aren't shared by the community as a whole.  While the GPL allows
Arthur to distribute FlightGear any way he wants, including this file
is neither polite nor appropriate.


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