On Thursday 20 January 2005 19:02, Martin Spott wrote:
> "Curtis L. Olson" wrote:
> > Let's not be too quick to stamp out people's ability to express their
> > faith.  The tides of societal whimsy shift very quickly, and if we
> > tolerate stamping out opposing view points, all too soon you could find
> > yourself on the loosing end of that battle.
> Curt, almost everything you write has much sense in the end, but in
> this case you are terribly wrong.
> Everyone on this list is free - as a human being should be free - to
> express his personal opinion (if necessary even on this developer list,
> if nobody objects) as long as it is easily obvious to _everyone_
> reading this, that it is his very own personal faith. I strongly
> believe nobody here intends to stamp on the MacOSX package maintainers
> view point, it's just that he chose a medium to carry his opinion that
> is totally unacceptable.
> I distance myself from the FlightGear project as long as it tolerates
> this sort of misuse. Don't get me wrong, I very much tolerate the
> _contents_ of the respective text (although I don't share it, but this
> is a different story) but I can't accept the way it is being
> distributed unter the flag of the FlightGear project.
> Cheers,
>  Martin.

I completely agree.

When we accept this, what comes next?

FlightGear packages with inbuild espionage and spam features?
Dialers? FlightGear with inbuild advertisement for cigarettes, drugs and 
cleaning agent?

As a consequence we should create a clean and official Mac package, anyone 
here with a Mac? (I don't have a Mac. :( )
Maybe it also helps to inform sourceforge about this,
do they allow such misuse of their webspace?

Best Regards,
 Oliver C.

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