To bring fgrun to 1.0 quality grade, and after receiving suggestions from Curt,
I am now planning to add basic options to the wizard instead of keeping them
hidden behind the Advanced button. Maybe by reducing the size of the command
line textfield ( it could also be move to the Advanced section ).

For the moment, my shortlist for basic options is :

--geometry ( with a combo box of standard resolutions )

and optionally
--atlas ( with default options )
--3d-clouds ( perhaps. they are not finished but are sometimes gorgeous )

I also want to have better resizing to have a more professional look.

Also it would be nice to be able to fetch and install aircraft and scenery
directly from the master server ( a "add new" button that connect via http ).
Maybe it would require that the script that generate the aircraft download page
also generate an XML file that could be remotely parsed to ease aircraft

Comments welcome


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