On Friday 21 January 2005 16:51, David Luff wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've commited a fix for the program crash when the piper model is not
> present, and apologise for that.  Would a v0.9.8a release be in order?  The
> current package almost certainly crashes for everyone who doesn't have an
> existing base package or extra aircraft installed, and Frederic's fix of
> the surplus radio towers in downtown SFO is pretty important too.

I too would welcome a bug-fix release shortly: I just got a bug report from 
Innis Cunningham that the traffic manager still crashes on windows machines. 
I had hoped I'd fixed this, but being a Linux developer myself, I don't have 
a real good opportunity to test any changes I'm making for windows versions.

> I'd like to overhaul my loading of GA aircraft models properly - instead of
> pulling them out of the installed aircraft, I think some dedicated AI
> models should be available to help avoid this kind of problem.  Dave Martin
> - do I remember you saying that you had done / intended to do low-poly
> count versions of the pa28 and c172 at some point?  If so, they would be
> very useful.
David, earlier, I seemed to remember that you were leaning toward integrating 
your AI/ATC code with Dave Culp's AIModel code. In the light of this, 
wouldn't it be a more feasable approach to start thinking about ways to do 
this and eventually phase out your model animation code? I'm not suggesting 
you should do this, but in the light of your earlier mail, it would seem a 
logical step. Any thoughts?


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