Hello Robicd,

>   I've made a .ase 3d object (a Villa of my town) for a scenery. I have
> a satellite picture of the place where the Villa resides, which has
> "datum wgs84" coordinates of the two corners of the bitmap. I really
> don't know how to convert such coordinates (1st corner is
> 353620.2/4225543.6, 2nd corner is 354212.2/4225976.1) to a format
> suitable for a .stg file.

These coordinates don't mean much by themselves, you need to know which
projection they relate to. Probably a UTM projection in your case. I would
recommend you install gdal (http://www.gdal.org/), and use gdalinfo to get
projection information for your file. You can than use gdal_translate + 
gdalinfo or a proj4 tool to convert between projected or pixel coordinates
and lat/lon.



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