..this Groklaw thread suggests we cannot do a GPL port to Sun's new
OpenSolaris, as we risk lawsuits:

> Hold yer horses
> Authored by: ctrawick on Wednesday, January 26 2005 @ 09:56 AM EST
> Don't go browsing uspto.gov quite yet. They do NOT appear to be
> actually releasing it to the FOSS community, despite the hype.
> And I quote: "By releasing the OpenSolaris OS platform under the CDDL,
> the open source community will immediately gain access to 1,600 active
> Sun patents for all aspects of operating system technologies that
> encompass features ranging from kernel technology and file systems to 
> network management, to name a few."
> If I'm correctly reading between the lines here, they're NOT opening
> up those patents to all FOSS. Only OpenSolaris (f)OSS. Until I see
> some sort of clarification out of our sometimes-friend Sun, I'm not
> touching this. 
> IBM went a lot further by releasing a legally binding patent license
> laying out to the world the precise terms of use for their IP. I'll
> venture to demand that Sun do the same. Otherwise, this is no better
> than a bait-and-switch patent trap.
> Can you imagine one open source project suing another for IP
> infringement?  Scary.

> This is dangerous stuff
> Authored by: Ed Freesmeyer on Wednesday, January 26 2005 @ 10:35 AM
> I agree with the parent, but would go one step further. I'm reposting
> an observation that I also posted yesterday.
>  Because Sun is not opening their patents to the entire open source
> community under any license, anyone who works on CDDL code and/or
> reviews the Sun patents is now tainted and opens their project/company
> up to "willful" patent infringement litagation as opposed to
> "unknowing" litagation. 
>  Unless you will be working on OpenSolaris exclusively for the rest of
> your career or expect to release all your future code under the CDDL
> exclusively, it would be smart to *NOT* read, review, or read reviews
> of any of Sun's so-called "released" patents in order to avoid
> willfull patent infringement charges that Sun is in no way prohibited
> from filing against any open source license but CDDL. THIS INCLUDES
> GPL !!!


..more at: http://groklaw.net/article.php?story=20050126023359386

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