> Erik wrote:
> I made just this observatory model for him about a year back or so:
> FlightGear/data/Models/Structures/observatory.*

Gosh, I already offered JJ to build the observatory myself but as I see the
model you made is really good. It just needs to be placed in the scenery :-)

Anyway, I'd suggest to bring down the observatory.rgb coulour depth, it's
24bit but it needs ver few colours so the file would be smaller (42603 bytes
for a 2bit/px image is too much :-)
Or doing so is of no help for software/hardware performance at all?
I don't know the internals of FGFS and PLIB so I guess (common sense) that
reducing the colour depth of the texture files (if not strictly necessary)
is still something good to do. Please let me know if I'm wrong because I
generally tend using only 8bit/px bitmaps which is generally good enough for
such 3d models. If not, I will go back on 24bit/px.


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