Erik Hofman wrote:
> It is, in fact MIPSpro supported c99 before gcc did, but you need a
> compiler option to enable it which is the only valid way to enable
> it.  Just face it, gcc behaved bad (again).

I don't follow the logic.  If that were the true, then the only
"valid" result of running a C compiler would be a pre-struct K&R
thing, no? :)

You don't bother to turn on a switch to enable structs or function
prototypes, you just expect them to be there.  Similarly you didn't
need to to enable other non-C89 features like "//" comments or the
empty array declaration.  So why isn't MIPSpro behaving "badly" in
*exactly* the same way by supporting these things without requiring a
command line extension?

I can fix the code to match compiler limitations.  But I'm at a loss for
why you think it is somehow GCC's fault for generating correct output
for correct source code by default...


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