Andy Ross a écrit :
Sergio wrote:
I've automatically (pkg-get) installed FlightGear on my Solaris 10 :
all is here (plib, simgear, fgfs and base), a good scenery ; the
simulator starts normally, with a perfect sound, but... very too

What kind of 3D hardware/drivers do you have?  FlightGear does not
work in real time using software rendering.


Excuse me ! I've the essential omitted !

It's a 9200 Ati Radeon : on Redhat was required, to set "graphics acceleration" in the screen configuration menu, and also to choose the generic Redhat driver named "radeon", with the AGPMode stipulation.
And it was all for the simulator fine works.

- At the start, i don't have this experience, and tried first to download and install the proprietary RH9-Radeon driver at the Radeon homepage.
It has effectively itself (rpm) properly installed, but FlightGear ran very slow... like at this day on Solaris ! The solution was this here on top.

On Fedora 3 and Solaris, nothing to make, and no setting where i can "graphics acceleration" indicate. But on Fedora, it was sufficient without.

For Solaris, i also looked at the Radeon homepage, but drivers only for linux, not for proprietary Unixes.

About the software rendering, the question is important, because FligtGear needs an OpenGL, and it's the reason of the common automatic downloading-installing of Mesa-6.2.1 and FlightGear modules : Solaris 10 has only a native, not a libGLU.

Thank's for this immediate answer !

Best regards,


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