Melchior FRANZ wrote:
> But fgfs won't depend on pcre, right? Or do you plan to statically
> link it? Sounds like great stuff, but how well would this work under
> MICROS~1? Unix syscall? Or rather POSIX?

Right.  The library stuff gets complicated enough that individual
projects will need to make their own decisions as to what is
appropriate to include.  Adding another library dependency to
FlightGear just to get regular expressions (for which I can't think of
a single application in a flight simulator) would be silly.

Really, I did the pcre integration because it was cool, and because
regex handling is the sine qua non of the modern scripting language,
and because I'd like to write an Apache templating module for Nasal.

The "unix" package is really unix (or POSIX, or SUSv2, or whatever you
want to call it -- the stuff for which there is no direct analog in
win32): pipes, opendir/readdir, fork/exec, dup2.  I'm not even going
to attempt to write a platform-independent library for this stuff;
that's what Perl and Python do, and it's one of the big reasons that
they're so huge.  There's no reason it won't work under cygwin,
though.  Likewise, this isn't likely to be very useful to FlightGear.


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