Erik Hofman a écrit :

Andy Ross wrote:

Seriously: the removeChild() method is just buggy.  It should never
have cared about refcounting at all.

Andy, I have to agree with Melchior here. If you call removeChild you have the intention that it will stay in the tree until refcount becomes zero and then it will be deleted. If you call removeChild() and it just detached from the tree (without cleaning it up at some point) you won't even be allowed to access it using the property tree, even after the first call to removeChild().

I am rather on Andy's line here. As I tried to explain to Melchior 'remove' doesn't mean 'destroy'. I think the only reason the tree wasn't actually deleted/destroyed when the reference returned by removeChild was deleted is that it was copied in the _removedChild vector before returning, hence incrementing the counter. If you don't care having aliases pointing to garbage ( something David was against ), you would just have to dump the _removedChild vector and, if the SGPropertyNode_ptr returned is not used, the tree should be destroyed. Two functions shouldn't be necessary.


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