> CoreDuo 2,6 Ghz and a Gainward 8800GT. Not surprised
> it runs well!!! 

If you read carefully, I said that even on my old pc
there wasn't any trouble!

>In particular I think the CoreDuo does threading
> than the P4. In case
> you haven't noticed, the 7600gs is coping easily
> with the output from FG-OSG
> - that's why the frame rates didn't increase. 
> And what would Vsync do? The frame rate never gets
> anywhere near the point
> at which it might operate.

I don't believe that if I look at your PC - it is
better than my old one 
> I've tried
> frame-rate-throttle - it just makes it
> worse. The graphics are absolutely no different here
> between OSG or plib
> that I can see, and why should they be? 

You are the first and only one yet having problems
with that- the kids in our kids corner havn't this
problem yet.

> Could we have some _real_ numbers to compare instead
> of hearsay.
> This is not a OSG versus plib discussion - it's a
> why OSG is so poor on XP
> discussion
It isn't poor on XP-
I had framerates about 25-37 on my old 2.8HG single
core and Nvidea FX5200 - with the tree shader I had
about 17-25fps- absolut usuable.
(KSFO, 28R, Noon, 1024x768, all boxes are checked)
Note: the FX5200 is the lowest card.

And: Windows XP needs a lot of perfomance - linux not!
And that's the fact why a lot of things are running
faster on Linux systems!

But we can always talk about how to make FGFS faster!


I think you have to check your pc first- 

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