Quoting Durk Talsma :

> On Tuesday 01 April 2008 22:39, Vivian Meazza wrote:
> >
> > So I conclude that:
> > 1. There is a problem with replay,
> > 2. MinGW has about the same performance gap between OSG and plib on XP as
> > gcc does on Linux.
> > 3. MinGW performance is probably as good as it gets.
> > 4. Either MSVC8 doesn't compile such fast code as MinGW, or there is a
> > setting wrong somewhere.
> >
> It's been a while ago since I last looked at at, but back in November I put a
> lot of effort into optimizing the replay system's memory usage. At the time,
> this was one of our prime candidates for the infamous periodic stutter bug.
> Because we were aiming for a release, I placed the job of forward porting
> these changes to CVS/HEAD rather low on my TODO list. I thought I had already
> finished most of these ports, but it is possible this one still remains to be
> done. I will have a look.
> Anyways, it looks like it is possible that CVS/HEAD has a much less efficient
> replay system than CVS/PLIB.

According to this chart, it seems you are right :


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