Selon Vivian Meazza :

> CoreDuo 2,6 Ghz and a Gainward 8800GT. Not surprised it runs well!!! In
> particular I think the CoreDuo does threading better than the P4. In case
> you haven't noticed, the 7600gs is coping easily with the output from FG-OSG
> - that's why the frame rates didn't increase.
> Could we have some _real_ numbers to compare instead of hearsay.
> This is not a OSG versus plib discussion - it's a why OSG is so poor on XP
> discussion

I have a Core2 Duo 2.66 ( E6600 ) and a 7600GT. I always saw the greatest fps
increase after upgrading CPU and was disappointed by several GPU-only upgrade.

All I can tell is that with the Seahawk, at KSFO, I have 75hz steady ( with
vsync  on ) if I wait for 2 minutes. In the meantime, fps vary greatly from 40
to 75, during the threaded model loading process. And this is done with a 50%
CPU usage.


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