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> Hi there. I'm fairly new to this, so this is probably a very rudimentary
> question. I apologize. I'm hooking up a lumenera Camera for a live video
> feed from a UAV, so that the video gets handed to Flightgear, which then
> draws its HUD over the video stream. In order to do this, I need to be able
> to communicate with the window controls. My camera can display the video in
> a new window, but I want it to draw to the video screen that Flightgear is
> already using. The camera expects a handle to the window. Any idea where I
> can find this, and all other information where the program keeps track of
> its window (size, position, etc)? Thanks so much!
I think the problem here is that only one application can "own" the window.
It's very likely that any demo code you'll see for your camera opens up a
window and owns and manages it, takes care of handling events, etc. etc.

The problem is that FlightGear wants to own the window too.

When I've pondered this sort of thing, I didn't imagine trying to embed
FlightGear into some other application.  Instead, I imagined embedding some
minimal routine that talks to the camera and grabs an image frame.  Then
usually you can directly map this into an opengl texture if you figure out
the pixel format of your frame grab and pass the right flags to the opengl
texture create call.  Then you should be able to draw this texture on top of
any surface just like any other texture ... you could map it to a
rectangular area of the screen, you could map it to a rotating cube, map it
to the earth surface, etc.

That's about as far as far as I've gone with thinking through the problem.


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