I'm actually not trying to patch Flightgear into a piece of Camera Software. 
I'm making some modifications and changes to Flightgear so it can give commands 
to the camera's hardware and internal API. The way that Curtis talks about is 
one of the ways that I'm looking at doing it. But I've got another way that 
might be a lot easier, or it might not work at all. Either way, I want to give 
it a try. In order to do this, I'll need to find a way to access FG's window 
handle, and get its width and height information (which I believe are just 
stored as the variables width and height, correct?). In what part of the source 
code is the window handle defined, and is there a function I need to utilize 
that will return it? Any help on where to find this would be greatly 

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