jean pellotier wrote

> we did a scenario that use the carrier type to make an arresting cable
> with a flols working, at LFRJ airport (Landivisiau, France), but if we
> check the "turn to wind button" the cable and the flols are moving,
> considered like a normal carrier.
> Is there a way to make it fix relative to the ground, or the only way is
> to never use turn to wind?
> i join the scenario file (LFRJ_wires_demo.xml)

> Concerning the flols, last two red lights (the lowests) taking part of
> the wave off are not in the right place, compared to the flols model, as
> you can see here:
> Carrier5.jpg
> here's a patch to synch them, that seems to be an inversion between y
> and z axis,here's the result:
> 70&media=school:move:porte-avion:flols:waveoff-nimitz.jpg
> have a nice landing on Nimitz....

Thanks for the input on the flols. I'm not sure what the issue is with
putting it ashore. Does it move in some way? Checking the turn into wind
will make it turn into wind, so the best way of avoiding this bug is not to
check turn into wind :-).

I'll fix the error in the Wave Off Lights soonest - thanks for the patch.


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