Vivian Meazza a écrit :
> Glad that we've fixed that - it must have been that way for several years.
> But what is the real issue with the demo? I couldn't get it to work here -
> doesn't it need the model as well?
oh sorry, i didn't gave you all needed to do it working, here's what's 

first the scenary used (7M)needed to have cable in the suitable hight:

it contains terrain  with little differents with scenery 1.0, so i 
recommend to uncompress it where you want and to give his path with 
something like that: 

and here's all the 3D models needed for the 4 airports and lot of planes 
low-poly, included the scenario (37M) :

or only the files needed for the scenario:

then just start at LFRJ with the LFRJ_wires_demo.xml enabled!

for french users:

> I imagine that you would really like a new AI Object which is a subset of
> the AICarrier, rather than your current hack?
yes that would be cool, the most important would be that all the 
coordonnes shouldn't need to be relative, but given as  the ufo's output.
for me a flols who can work alone, and the same for the cable would be 
perfect, but i'm not specialist!
and one more thing about using the carrier for ground arresting cable, 
it is impossible to give a roll in the scenario file, because the first 
seconds the boat fdm make it flat....
jano, trying to catch a wire navigating through the ground....

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