On 3 Oct 2008, at 11:50, gerard robin wrote:

> We (I) must be patient, and still wait a long time before to get  
> within FG
> most of the OSG features, probably not before at least  2010 or 2011  
> (2 or 3
> years delay).
> <snip>

> Why isn't it possible to make an FG 1.1 (or at least an update of  
> the PreOSG
> CVS branch)  with these updates ?

I'd hazard a guess that this is more work that fixing the outstanding  
OSG issues, which, as far as I know, are:

  - shadows
  - 3D clouds

(what have I missed? I'd love to have a definitive list - either way,  
I would be very surprised if this takes until 2010!)

Of course I'm sure there are many smaller issues, but there's also  
countless improvements. Personally I don't consider either of the  
above features to be a blocker for releasing an OSG version, but I  
understand there's a reluctance to release a version which is seen as  
a 'step back'.  I'd much rather see an official '1.9' release (if OSG  
is to be 2.0) to get the majority of people migrated from 1.0 to  
something newer. Right now my feeling is many keen users are running  
CVS versions, either self compiled or Fred's / Tat's binaries, but  
everyone else is stuck with 1.0 as you noted.

So, I'd much rather see a concerted effort to get CVS into a  
releasable state, and a schedule for some 'preview' or 'beta'  
releases, rather than working on back-ports.


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