--- On Fri, 3/10/08, James Turner wrote:
> On 3 Oct 2008, at 14:01, Tim Moore wrote:
> > Stuart has run into a bug in OSG with respect to Imposters, which  
> > manage the cached rendering of the individual cloud sprites.
> > It's unclear if this ever
> > worked well in OSG. Unfortunately I haven't had the chance to really  look 
> > at the problem.
> Yeah, his comments about crashes in a (modified) osgimpostor example  
> make me very nervous. I am going to look at the code anyway, and test  
> the osgimpostor issue locally (on Mac) to see if it behaves any  
> differently from GLX.

James - if you could take a look, that would be great. It is entirely possible 
that I've completely missed something obvious (say, defining the Impostor 
texture size) and this is user error.

In the meantime, I may spend a little time looking at implementing a shader 
approach. That worked wonders for the tree performance, so it might work for 
clouds too.



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