> Yep, that's what I said :)

Oh- o.k. ;-)

> I don't suppose anyone has the link to the
> 'original' cloud code,  
> before it was ported to PLIB, or the technical description?
> Or perhaps  
> there's a doc link the cloud code itself, I'll keep
> digging.

Harald Johnson was the man who brought a lot of features to FGFS like the 
volumetric shadows, the clouds and later he tried to implement reflection with 
fresnel effect.

With switching to OSG he disappeared like so much other developers, but you can 
try asking hin- mybe he will help.

> Incidentally, on the shadows, I always assumed that's
> something we  
> would get 'for free' with OSG, presumably there is
> some technical  
> obstacle to just enabling one of the OSG shadowing
> techniques? I can  
> believe that some of them are impractical for FG, but
> equally we only  
> have on light source (that matters for shadowing) most of
> the time -  
> floodlit airfield and carrier operations excepted. Could
> someone  
> enlightened (Tim, I guess) explain the outstanding issues
> in that area?

I had just few days ago contact in IRC, where he told me that there one 
important thing for the shadows given by OSG don't work in FGFS and try to 
figure out why.



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