On 3 Oct 2008, at 13:15, Heiko Schulz wrote:

> I agree to nearly all what you said, but why not release an official  
> 2.0-pre-version with OSG which shows to the world that we are still  
> alive? Maybe as an advertisement to other developers?

Yep, that's what I said :)

> In the moment I see that the clouds and shadows are a "one-man- 
> project"- so now wonder that it needs a long time until we will have  
> these features back.
> I wonder if it really needs so much knowledge about OSG, and if  
> other developers could help here?

Well I just read over Stuart's code, with a view to doing exactly  
that. It's a part of the code I am completely unfamiliar with,  
however, so I need to do a lot more reading before I can make any  
intelligent comments about it, let alone try and fix it.

I don't suppose anyone has the link to the 'original' cloud code,  
before it was ported to PLIB, or the technical description? Or perhaps  
there's a doc link the cloud code itself, I'll keep digging.

Incidentally, on the shadows, I always assumed that's something we  
would get 'for free' with OSG, presumably there is some technical  
obstacle to just enabling one of the OSG shadowing techniques? I can  
believe that some of them are impractical for FG, but equally we only  
have on light source (that matters for shadowing) most of the time -  
floodlit airfield and carrier operations excepted. Could someone  
enlightened (Tim, I guess) explain the outstanding issues in that area?


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