Just a quick question. As far as I'm concerned, we'll be doing a 1.9.1 bug fix 
release soon. I would just like to get an impression how our progress is on 
the various problems that have been reported. I know that the "black box" 
problem is fixed now, but how are we doing on the other issues. In particular, 
some people seem to have reported that FlightGear got stuck in an endless 
scenery loading loop. Do we already have a handle on that?

I also know that various people,  have reported other bugs. I am under the 
impression that most of these are actually problems that need to be addressed 
as part of our normal development cycle and not immediate showstoppers. 

As for a time frame, I'm thinking about mid- to late January, and I would 
indeed recommend that major updates to important system are held off until we 
have released 1.9.1. I can't guarantee a firm timeline yet, because 
temperatures have dropped below freezing, which means I spend my weekends ice 
skating. Rest assured, it's never freezing for extended periods of time, so 
this won't hold up the release indefinitely.


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