> Durk Talsma a écrit :
> > Hi,
> >
> > Just a quick question. As far as I'm concerned, we'll be doing a 1.9.1
> bug fix
> > release soon. I would just like to get an impression how our progress is
> on
> > the various problems that have been reported. I know that the "black
> box"
> > problem is fixed now, but how are we doing on the other issues. In
> particular,
> > some people seem to have reported that FlightGear got stuck in an
> endless
> > scenery loading loop. Do we already have a handle on that?
> >
> My findings on that is that the pager thread needs to compile display
> list in the main loop, and this process is framerate dependent. At that
> time of the initialisation, there is only the splashscreen on screen,
> but its refresh rate slow down the loading process. For instance, I
> mesured it takes more than 1000 frames to display to correctly load a
> terrain tile. Maybe there are parameters to tweak, like the number of
> maximum display lists to compile each frames, and we could use more
> aggressive values until the scenery is displayed. Just a thought.
> > I also know that various people,  have reported other bugs. I am under
> the
> > impression that most of these are actually problems that need to be
> addressed
> > as part of our normal development cycle and not immediate showstoppers.
> >
> The return to 0.1 as the near plane would save us a lot of complain.

I'm seeing segfaults from time to time with Windows and CVS/Head trying to
start when mp is running. Csaba Halász reports the same. It's most
frustrating to try to track this one down, because it is not reliably
repeatable. Assuming that we are not the only ones seeing this, it would
seem like a bit of a show stopper to me.


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