On 11 Jan 2009, at 17:18, Frederic Bouvier wrote:

> My findings on that is that the pager thread needs to compile display
> list in the main loop, and this process is framerate dependent. At  
> that
> time of the initialisation, there is only the splashscreen on screen,
> but its refresh rate slow down the loading process. For instance, I
> mesured it takes more than 1000 frames to display to correctly load a
> terrain tile. Maybe there are parameters to tweak, like the number of
> maximum display lists to compile each frames, and we could use more
> aggressive values until the scenery is displayed. Just a thought.

Yon Uriarte has proposed a patch that limits the frame-rate to 60hz  
during the splash screen. Would that fix the issue, by freeing up  

The patch has been around since November and I ran it locally for many  
weeks without seeing any problems.


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