On 12 Jan 2009, at 11:19, Frederic Bouvier wrote:

> It also seems that large framerate ( more than 200 fps during  
> splashscreen display, I even saw 600 at FSFO ) make the scenery load  
> a bit longer. Curiouly, I see better loading time under Linux with  
> an AMD Athlon XP 2400 and a NV FX5850, than under Windows with a  
> Quad core i9450 and a GTX200. I am defragmenting my disk just in case.

I'm pretty sure that Yon's limiter patch is a good idea regardless,  
since the slow dlist compile behaviour should not be 'fixed' by  
requiring some ludicrous frame-rate - that could potentially work for  
FG by sheer chance, but clearly would be impossible for many other  
applications that might do similar periods of intense data loading and  
associated compiles.

Has anyone raised the issue on the OSG list?


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