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> Hi Yon,
> I saw that but also saw that the osgViewer::Renderer has its own minimum
> time that is not settable by environment variable, and the resulting time is
> the minimum of the two values, one from the pager and the other from the
> Renderer ( both initially set to 0.001 ).

oh, nice.

> In my test build I set large values until the scenery is loaded, then
> restore the default values.

I had some numbers that i posted on this lists some weeks ago. At first i
was limiting to 15fps
and was loading slower than without limiting. Limiting to 50fps seemed to

> It also seems that large framerate ( more than 200 fps during splashscreen
> display, I even saw 600 at FSFO ) make the scenery load a bit longer.
> Curiouly, I see better loading time under Linux with an AMD Athlon XP 2400
> and a NV FX5850, than under Windows with a Quad core i9450 and a GTX200. I
> am defragmenting my disk just in case.

If those machines were dual boot, it'd be interesting to compare numbers
with swaped OSs. Can you
try with more than 1 osgdb thread?
Also, osgDB pre-compile was disabled by default some weeks ago in osg. It
seems you
are tracing that code now, is it still doing some compile in the db threads?

> -Fred
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