On Thu, 29 Sep 2011, Frederic Bouvier wrote:

> If you cloned the official data repository on your own machine, you 
> won't be allowed to push anything.
> What you have to do is to clone the repository in your own 
> gitorious.org project and then clone that clone on your own machine. As 
> it is your own project, you will be able to push into it and then submit 
> merge requests.

Now, before anyone unnecessarily goes through the pain of cloning fgdata 
again, you just need to add the git URL to your new personal 
clone at gitorious as a remote in your local fgdata clone to be able to 
push to gitorious.

For example:

git remote add g...@gitorious.org:~andersg/fg/anders-fgdata.git my-fgdata

Stores the URL to my fgdata clone at gitorious under the name my-fgdata in 
my local git clone of fgdata. (You want the gitorious SSH URL for your 

git push my-fgdata my-branch:master

Pushes the local branch named my-branch to my-fgdata (i.e. my clone of 
fgdata at gitorious) where the branch will be named master.


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