You may have guessd what this is about: FGDATA and GIT.

When we last spoke about it, everything had been prepared to the utmost
convenient state possible. I had prepared a script which basically only
has to be run, to migrate the truckload of planes, ranging from fine
stuff to utter junk, into separate repos, which from then on could be
maintained by their respective autors - separately from FGDATA.

Since then...

...nothing happened.

Developers have buoyantly indulged in their lethargy as ever before and
passionately ignored the topic wherever it came up.

I must say that even I have a limited amount of patience. And that
amount - already accounting for the fact that I'm not a vivid
contributer as others and might thus have less of a right to request
something from the core team - is about to be depleted by the striking
ignorance that is portrayed among those responsible.

You want people to help with the development of flightgear, in every area
they can? And this is how such help is recognized?

Very well understood.  I'll let this be my last mail to the list and
last time I even remotely mention the topic anywhere. You can see for
yourself and wait until that pile of crap hits the ceiling. I'm done
with trying to fix it in time, for I'm sick begging you to accept my

not so kindly,

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