> create mode 100644 Scenery/Airports/L/S/G/LSGS.groundnet.xml
> create mode 100644 Scenery/Airports/L/S/G/LSGS.twr.xml
> create mode 100644 Scenery/Airports/L/S/M/LSMP.groundnet.xml
> create mode 100644 Scenery/Airports/L/S/M/LSMP.twr.xml
> create mode 100644 Scenery/Airports/L/S/Z/LSZB.groundnet.xml
> create mode 100644 Scenery/Airports/L/S/Z/LSZB.twr.xml
> create mode 100644 Scenery/Airports/L/S/Z/LSZC.groundnet.xml
> create mode 100644 Scenery/Airports/L/S/Z/LSZC.twr.xml
> create mode 100644 Scenery/Airports/L/S/Z/LSZS.groundnet.xml
> create mode 100644 Scenery/Airports/L/S/Z/LSZS.twr.xml

To everyone: Please note that it is our policy not to upload Scenery 
information to the fgdata repository directly. For logistical reasons, scenery 
data is committed to the custom scenery project and from there it is synched 
into the Scenery directory. For scene models and landclass data Martin Spott 
and Jon Stockill would be the first points of contact, for groundnetworks and 
possibly also tower locations, you can correct me. 

To Michael: Are your groundnet and tower files compatible with the current 
scenery, and are the released under the GPL licence? 

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