On 1 Oct 2011, at 03:33, Curtis Olson wrote:

> That could very well be true ... and I don't think it would be a huge coding 
> change ... but it should be done in a way that bumps up the btg version 
> number and picks a new packet id so as to maintain backwards compatibility 
> with all the existing scenery out there.

Just looking at the relevant Simgear code - it already runs through GZip, so 
I'm not worried about overhead there - and the versioning system looks pretty 
sane to deal with too. There's already the version check for 
short-vs-unsigned-short counts, adding a new version increment and making the 
values longs looks pretty easy.

BUT, if I modify the current Simgear code on 'next', is that the only place 
that needs to be changed, or is there another copy of this code somewhere in 
the terragear repo? I know terragear depends on simgear, but I've not looked at 
which code is actually shared.


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