On Sat, Oct 1, 2011 at 9:29 AM, James Turner wrote:

> Just looking at the relevant Simgear code - it already runs through GZip,
> so I'm not worried about overhead there - and the versioning system looks
> pretty sane to deal with too. There's already the version check for
> short-vs-unsigned-short counts, adding a new version increment and making
> the values longs looks pretty easy.
> BUT, if I modify the current Simgear code on 'next', is that the only place
> that needs to be changed, or is there another copy of this code somewhere in
> the terragear repo? I know terragear depends on simgear, but I've not looked
> at which code is actually shared.

Hi James, the answer is yes. :-)

We need to modify the loader in simgear as well as the format generation
code in terragear.  Right now the indices are packed as 2-byte short ints in
the binary .btg file so of course making a change only to the simgear side
will do nothing to fix the problem.

Whatever we do needs to happen in close coordination with the terragear code
in order to make sure that the changes match and are sane and reasonable
from both perspectives.


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