On 1 Oct 2011, at 15:37, Curtis Olson wrote:

> We need to modify the loader in simgear as well as the format generation code 
> in terragear.  Right now the indices are packed as 2-byte short ints in the 
> binary .btg file so of course making a change only to the simgear side will 
> do nothing to fix the problem.
> Whatever we do needs to happen in close coordination with the terragear code 
> in order to make sure that the changes match and are sane and reasonable from 
> both perspectives.

Okay, but the relevant source file (sg_binobj) appears to contain both the read 
*and* write code paths - which is really what I was asking - is the write logic 
in sg_binobj.cxx the one terragear uses, or 'something else'?


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