On 25 Jul 2012, at 00:42, ys wrote:

> This looks promising in a technical/coding perspective of having this and 
> that common GUI feature available also for flightgear. But for me personally 
> one of the big problems of the FlightGear GUI is that it is "inside" the only 
> and one main window. There is no possibility to have a separate window to not 
> cover the main content, the scenery and the cockpit? This would make the GUI 
> much more practical. I would really like to run flightgear with one window 
> "view" and other windows for the program (options). This will improve the 
> usability of all the menus, dialogs etc. a lot in my opinion.

This is an orthogonal issue - it can be solved by using multiple osg windows to 
contain whatever GUI solution we go with - canvas, osgWidget or PUI-port.

Or to put it another way - the actual hard part is running the widgets in the 
main OpenGL window - which *is* a requirement for full-screen apps and 
multi-monitor setups. (Some people have claimed otherwise, but I believe we 
need the option of 'in-window' UI for many cases).

So, this is a desirable feature, but doesn't dictate the choice of GUI 
technology. And can be done as a separate step from replacing PLIB.


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