On 24 Jul 2012, at 23:11, Thomas Geymayer wrote:

>> Do you think
>> you'd be able to handle a blinking insertion point and a standard
>> draggable text selection area in this approach? Obviously it might
>> need some additional C++ helpers but that's okay since text-editing
>> is a pretty specialised behaviour.
> Yes :)
> http://youtu.be/CIS8UyuJLgM
> I have just added some property change listeners to get the position of
> the next character at a given position. The highlighting happens only
> from Nasal. What is currently missing is the possibility to also change
> the color of the selected text and to actually get the selected text,
> but this shouldn't be too hard to implement.

Videos convince me very easily!

I think we need a bit of discussion about the architecture for this approach, 
especially to define a widget abstraction (maybe C++, maybe nasal) so dialog 
authors can't break widget functionality unintentionally, but aside from that I 
can't see many potential problems; Nasal can already process the GUI files 
since they're property lists.

(I'm imagining a C++ factory function that takes a property node and builds a 
widget - this would be exposed via a Nasal API - and even if it called back to 
a Nasal definition for each widget type, would still allow us to build custom 
widgets using the C++ canvas API if required)

The map-widget, route-manager waypoint list and airport-list widgets would need 
some porting, but that's all pretty valuable anyway - especially for the 
map-widget. As you say once it's done it would be re-usable for in-cockpit 
displays which is all good. Since I created the Map-widget I've added a whole 
bunch of Nasal APIs to query the navDB so that part of the map-widget is doable 
without C++ now too.

Oh, and we need the option to keep the native menu-bar on Mac of course ;)

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